Women’s Cinema

In order to celebrate women film-making over the years, I’ll run down my own Women’s Cinema Festival. The criteria is simple: Each year I’ll pick 20 films directed by women to play in Main Competition and a honorary award for legendary women’s director and then review and rate them. Personally I’m quite excited for this since unlike Cannes where the line-ups are already decided, this time I can run my whole show. I’ll basically be artistic director, the festival’s own programmer, making up posters (yes, I’ll go to that extend), festival’s theme song (hehe, why not?) and I’ll be served as an one-man jury to pick out winners. There’s an inherent flaw with this approach though, normally the selection process entails watch & then pick out the line-up, but I do the exact opposite here, so 1) there will be many films that turn out disappointing upon watching (that the risk I’ll take) and 2) more importantly, there’ll be heaps of good films that fly under my radar. If you want to recommend any film that you think is worthy, shoot down in the comment and I will take it into my consideration. A solid words-of-mouth can be a decisive factor here, and I want to include as many films for selection pool as possible.

So then, what does it mean to celebrate women film-making? My intentions for this festival (call it the Festival’s visions if you will) are:

1) squarely about diversity: showing stories from many corners of the world from different kind of genres (drama, horror, arthouse, comedy) and from different filmmaking techniques (fiction, documentary, animation, sometimes even visual art).

2) while the main prize will be awarded to a work that underlines women’s issues (this is a film festival for women after all. You can see the Awards section down below), the selection pool will remain simple – films that are directed by women, for I believe women don’t have to make movies solely to address women’s issues. There are many different angle to approach cinema and whatever the reason is, they all worth celebrating.

Finally, awards section. Here’s the prize list that I’m intending to give:

  • Silver Moon’s Women Cinema Top Prize: Awarded to film that deal sensitively to women’s roles, issues or women’s identity.
  • Critic’s Choice: for the best rated film of the Main Competition
  • Best Director: a film where the Director’s vision is prominent.
  • Best Acting
  • Best Ensemble Cast
  • Best Debut Feature: best first film – this award includes sidebar, Opening and Closing films if applicable.
  • Honorary Award: normally announced right at the early phase. Honor the works of a female director who leaves their distinctive mark over the history of cinema. This section will go all the way to the year 2000 if I can make it that far

Final final note, for the sake of consistency, I’ll choose the year of the movies based on their premiere, not by their regional release. Those, as a result, will align with the imdb’s system.

Click on the banners below for full program of each year: