Directors' Corner, Shunji Iwai

Shunji Iwai’s Filmography Part 1: Fireworks, Love Letter & Picnic


Even with the first three entries, they already established Shunji Iwai as a talent to look out for. He works on a shoestring budget so his films aren’t the most exquisite looking, but you start to see many of his trademarks. First is his insistence on portraying youthful sensibility through his teenage protagonists (Fireworks (1993), Picnic (1995) and their romances. It sounds like nothing special, I know, but he has a firm handle on both depicting his characters as complex and believable, and the romance that is always on the right note. His emphasis on atmosphere is there, too, as you can see in a snowy landscape in Love Letter (1995), accompany with the soothing piano. But his most recongizable trademark (which brings a fair share of distractors as well) comes from his music-video and TV-format root: his hypersatured images and his focus on music squences just like the MTV and his rapid-editing. Only in 3 films, we see him going from well-acclaimed Love Letter to cult-status Picnic, further signify the fact that he’s fearless. I personally love the way he writes his characters, especially with those opening sequences that already establish very well the characters and their own situations. Really looking forward for the next batch.

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Movie Review, Shunji Iwai

Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom? (1993) by Shunji Iwai

Original Name: Uchiage hanabi, shita kara miru ka? Yoko kara miru ka?

Director:  Shunji Iwai

Runtime: 49 minutes

Language: Japanese

IMDB Link:

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2018 Spring Anime, Weekly Anime Summary

Weekly Anime Summary – Summer 2018 Week 11

Ho boy, blink an eye and we already one week away from saying goodbye to these shows. For now, while people have every right reasons to regard this Summer season as lackluster, I’m thinking of 3 shows that can earn its place to my top 10 of the year. Well, we still one season away from the year so nothing set in stone yet, but by quick look to the next season, it seems to rely a bit too much on original shows, which can go either way. This week is a week where the shows reach conclusion arc, so we can finally see if all the building-up paid off in the end. Sirius the Jeager is still unavailable at this writing. Anyway, read on to see my thoughts on the anime this week.

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2017 Women's Cinema Festival, Women's Cinema

2017 Women’s Cinema Festival – Day 14: [closing film] Jasper Jones & Awards Winners


Now we reached the last day of the Festival, Day 14. I’ve written everything I wanna say about this festival down below so just scroll down and read it. One last thing though, so what’s next after this? I have something in mind already so I’ll announce new project(s) tomorrow (the likeliness). Enjoy this last piece of the 2017 Women’s Cinema Festival. If you want a more comprehensive view (which I list all the movies from the selection), click on the Awards Winner post down below. Enjoy the piece

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