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My Top 10 Films in Cannes that don’t Compete for Palme d’Or

Well, the title says it all. The Palme d’Or lineup has gathered a lot of media attention, but one of the joy in Cannes is that they have varied choices beyond that, many of them take us by surprise and gain more traction as the year goes. This year is no exception as there are plenty titles worth raving about. With this list, let’s see some alternatives from the big titles that rarely get cover anywhere else, from wide range of medium, genres from all over the world.

note: there are 2 films that were originally on my watchlist but I couldn’t find the time to watch. Sight-unseen mention to The Lighthouse (Director’s Fortnight) and the animated feature The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily (Un Certain Regard)

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Site Announcement: Cannes 2019

Yeah, I freaking got it. I got the accreditation to attend Cannes Film Festival this May. Cannes has always been my favorite spot, as many film lovers do, and this is a good way for me to start my Cannes project here anyways. What does it mean then? Expect live coverage here in May where I try my utmost to check out and (hopefully) review all the Cannes Main Competition titles, and then some.

As for this site in the long run, I’m in the middle of 2010s anime catch-up right now and still don’t feel that enthusiastic to blog, but I never intend to throw this site altogether. It’s still my intention to keep it, and will probably come back to full writing and more projects once I’m game for it.

See you all very soon.

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2017 Women’s Cinema Winners

At long last (after exactly 4 months), this 2017 Women’s Cinema Festival has come to its end. In the process, 28 films had been reviewed – 20 in the Main Competition, 8 films Out of Competition. Overall, it was an enjoyable ride. While many films I intended to check out (see day 13 for more details) aren’t available online, the selection has no real bomb except for Ava (which I can still argue it’s worth the watch). Let’s go through them once again before we get to the awards announcement.

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Site Update – New Schedule Announced

So, just few hours ago, while enjoying the summer breeze comfortably in my sofa with a fan blows over my face, and a bowl of popcorn on one hand and two scoop of ice-cream on the other*, I came to a shocking realization that… I have been neglecting my current project for nearly a month now. Now, I know that most of you don’t even care about this movie project of mine (stats never lie), but I just realize the only active content I have right now is a weekly anime post, simply because it’s a commitment to produce those posts. I’ve been blogging over 2 years for the other anime site so I understand my blogging habit. Having a deadline and a weekly routine can keep me from my lack of will. Taking things more slowly and steadier.

Hence, here’s the new weekly blogging schedule for The Silver Moon:

Tuesday: Weekly Anime Summary (I prefer Monday but this current schedule has 4 shows airing on that day and none on Tuesday. So it works better for me to do a wrap up on every Tuesday.

Friday: my Current project (2018 Women’s Cinema Festival)

Sunday: Western Animated TV Series Review (I’ll review one season of certain cartoons each week. Regarding how well I know about Western Animated TV shows, hmmm not so much. But there are many shows I wanna check out. Also, while I reserve this spot for Western cartoon, I might occasionally review classic anime too)

With that and 3 posts / week over the other site should make me busy. Elsewhere, from time to time I’ll blog other topic of interest as well. I’m seriously considering of doing a music post, for example, and flirting with the idea of reviewing manga. We will see. This is my blog so I might as well just write any topic that take my fancy. I know it might sound I put a lot of commitment for a hobby but what can I say? No pain no gain, I suppose. You need workout to push you into shape, right? Let’s see if this new schedule can bring out some fresh air, effective… next week.

*note: none of those I said were true. It’s winter here in Australia, I don’t even have a sofa but I like the free-spirited feel of it.

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It’s alive and kicking – Welcome to the Silver Moon

Beach House

Everything starts somewhere, right? Welcome to the birth of the Silver Moon, a personal blog that focuses on indie cinema, anime and everything that pique my interest. I’m your host, SuperMario. For the next few weeks, I’ll transfer my own contents from the blog I’m currently writing (psgels.net) to here.

Why this picture, you ask? This blog is created right as the same time with the release of my favorite band ever – Beach House’s 7th album, 7. Silver Moon won’t never reach the legacy of Beach House – that I’m certain of – but hopefully it carries the same spirits with the band that always manages to stay true to themselves, time and time again.

“There’s a place I want to take you
When the unknown will surround you”

Levitation – Beach House

82 women Red Carpet.jpg

At the same time in Cannes, 82 film industry women protested the gender inequality in Cannes, in which for its 71 years history only 82 films directed by women have been in Cannes’ Official Competition. This is an issue that I do care deeply about (if you look to the heading, there’s a “Women’s cinema” section over there). While I’m all about raising more consciousness about women’s works, I don’t see myself doing it to make any big gender-equality statement, hence I never regard my viewpoint as “feminist”. You’ll know more about my own point of view once I start doing women’s cinema project. But for now all I’m saying is that I’m glad that the Silver Moon is born in this memorable day.