2019 Winter Anime, Seasonal Anime Review

Seasonal Anime Review: Winter 2019 First Impression (Full Update)

Like a cold you can’t get rid of, the new season has begun. As tradition, I tailed down all these first new, non-sequel episodes and gave them some quick impressions the moments I finished. This Winter season proves to be a season with no real surprise. It’s certainly the fewest shows in term of quantity for quite a while, and shows that supposed to be stand out are doing a pretty good job. Mob Psycho 100 2 delivers one of the best episode in a while (but to make this post consistent with non-sequel rule I won’t include it in here), Boogiepop tanks but the rest is predictable. This season also marks many shows cut-corner by animating entirely in CG, and the results are pretty clunky (if the bottom two shows are any indication). In total, I watched and reviewed 26 premieres, 2 of them are shorts. Let’s scroll down to see the offerings of this 2019 Winter, from worst to best:

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Anime, Seasonal Anime Review

Seasonal Anime Review: Fall 2018 First Impression (Full updated)

While there are some shows still lagging behind, we’ve pretty much had the general sip of what this new season has to offer. Although personally I don’t have a clear favorite (my top shows are the lowest since I’ve taken this job), there are many shows that genuinely surprise me. Who would’ve thought an anime with “Bunny Girl senpai” in the title can be this solid, or shows like Zombieland Saga and SSSS Gridman that defy their own tropes in every turn? On the negative side, I can regard this season as the season of bad-taste rape-attempts. From yaoi show about a romance between two sexy boys poisoned by attempted rape; goblins sexual assault to loli abuse, incest romance and a boy who travels to another world to make love with 12 different girls. This season has it all. Same deal, I’ll rank those show down, starting from worst to best. The rating I give is based on the Color code.

In general, this season, I’ve watched and reviewed the total of 32 new episodes (no sequel or shorts included, unless otherwise noted). At this moment there are 3 shows left from the list: Ingress (which is licensed by Netflix), Tsurune (which is delayed due to typhoon) and Kitsune no Koe (already out but no sub available) [update: it’s a short), Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur which will add as soon as they’re available online.

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Anime, Seasonal Anime Review

Seasonal Anime Review: Winter 2018 Final Impressions

In keeping with my anime-mood at the moments (well, that also means I keep delaying on my 2018 Women’s Cinema Festival but I hope you readers don’t mind about that much), I revisit all the anime shows I watched on the Winter season. It’s the practice that might not be relevant with you guys much since it was already half a year, but it benefits me to put all my thoughts on shows I watched into some written forms. The more I watch shows and films, the more I realize that I will eventually forget most of them. Some vague feeling and a general impression about them, but hardly anything substantial. And I’m consistently reminded how wasted it is. At least, by writing them down, I still have some point of reference in the future: my feeling about those shows at that certain point of time.

The beginning season of 2018 calendar was an underwhelming one. There was a large amount of cute girls doing cute thing shows, and Violet Evergarden didn’t meet the hype it generated. Another special trend of this Winter 2018 season was the multi-release of Netflix original shows. I only finished Devilman Crybaby (I stopped after 3 episodes of AICO and I couldn’t survive pass the premiere of B: the Beginning). So while the quality can pretty much an acquired taste, those Netflix original shows do push more edgy context and mature theme into anime industry, just like in the old days. Anyway, the Winter season I finished around 12 new shows, including 2 carry-over from last year’s fall season (3-gatsu no Lion 2 and Mahoutsukai no Yome); plus 2 shows that would run over to the next season (Saiki K 2 and Darling in the FranXX). A bit of footnote here, while I ranked 3-gatsu no Lion 2 and Mahoutsukai no Yome in this Seasonal Preview, they are technically ineligible for 2018 Yearly Review.

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2018 Summer Anime, Animation - Anime, Anime, Seasonal Anime Review

Seasonal Anime Review: Summer 2018 First Impressions

Well, first off, I know I haven’t posted many new material here for the last 2 weeks, but it was more because I was in a total mood for the new season of anime. It’s always my favorite part of the season and I always regard this period as wine-tasting period. You take a sip and see which one you want for more. About this Summer 2018 season, while I agree that this season is lackluster, especially compared to the previous season with only 1 true hit Banana Fish, there are a surprisingly rich under-the-radar, sleeper hits from wide range across many genres (we have sports, comedy and even “idol” shows for a chance). This season turns out to be much better than I thought it would be, at least so far.

So far, I’ve watched 30 new shows with some shows yet to air until next weekend, which I’ll update here once I watch it. Those remaining shows are Aguu: Tensai Ningyou (from Chinese web Manhua which no one care to sub), Tsukumogami Kashimasu and Muhyo to Rouji no Mahoritsu Soudan Jimusho (on that note, you won’t find the 3rd season of Attack on Titan here as I fall off that Titan’s wheel during its second season). I’ll group the shows based on colour code (see below), and while I don’t officially rank them, the order we have here is from my least to most favorite. Let’s do this:

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2018 Spring Anime, Anime, Seasonal Anime Review

Seasonal Anime Review: Spring 2018 Final Impressions

Welcome to the Spring 2018 anime review, in which I will give you my overall thoughts about all the shows I watched airing the last season. I’m intending to do the same for Fall 2018 in a few days time, so remember to go back for it. In general, it was the season that had wide range of recommendable shows, although except for maybe my top 2, I personally don’t feel that wild over the crop. Certainly it was a better season than the Fall, and looks to be much stronger than the current Summer season. I will rate all those finished shows. Shows that have second cour playing next season won’t be ranked or rated. Overall, I watched a total 10 new shows, plus 2 continuous shows and 1 OVA, that makes it 13 shows in general. Let’s run them down now, from worst to best:

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