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2017 Women’s Cinema Festival Program

The poster’s image is taken from a scene in Chocolate (1988) by Claire Denis, our 2017’s Honorary Recipient. The theme song this year is Me and a Gun by Tori Amos, which you can listen to it right here.

Now, this might be the only time that I will spend entire paragraphs to discuss about the song’s choice. I realize that Me and a Gun isn’t a typical song suitable for playing elegantly in a background (in which theme music tends to be). It has no musical instrument for one thing, it’s just entirely Tori Amos and her voice here and the lyric is among one of the rawest experience ever written by a female artist. This song, after all, details about the event in which she was raped, at knife point when she was 21. In the year where gender issues in cinema industry had turned inside out, this song feels strangely relevant. Apparently, the culprit never gets caught, well it never became a case to begin with, because it’s the world we live in: when it comes to sexual harassment, the majority still doesn’t have the proper mindset to deal with it seriously, and the victims still partly blame themselves for what happened. I just leave you with her rare interview about the tragic event. To thousands of other victims who believe the world has turned its back on you, this song is for you.

I’ll never talk about it at this level again but let me ask you. Why have I survived that kind of night, when other women didn’t? How am I alive to tell you this tale when he was ready to slice me up? In the song I say it was ‘Me and a Gun’ but it wasn’t a gun. It was a knife he had. And the idea was to take me to his friends and cut me up, and he kept telling me that, for hours. And if he hadn’t needed more drugs I would have been just one more news report, where you see the parents grieving for their daughter. And I was singing hymns, as I say in the song, because he told me to. I sang to stay alive. Yet I survived that torture, which left me urinating all over myself and left me paralyzed for years. That’s what that night was all about, mutilation, more than violation through sex. I really do feel as though I was psychologically mutilated that night and that now I’m trying to put the pieces back together again. Through love, not hatred. And through my music. My strength has been to open again, to life, and my victory is the fact that, despite it all, I kept alive my vulnerability.Tori Amos

Next, The Silver Moon presents the 2017 programs, you can either view it by the selections’ posters in airing order, or the list down below

Day 1[opening film] The Party
Day 2First They Killed My FatherI Am Not a Witch
Day 3Summer 1993Novitiate
Day 4MudboundAngels Wear White
Day 5Faces PlacesThe Breadwinner
Day 6DetroitPop Aye
Day 7[Classic Day] ChocolatBeau TravailLet the Sunshine In
Day 8You Were Never Really HereOn Body and Soul
Day 9WesternThe Beguiled
Day 10Lady BirdLove Education
Day 11The Seen and UnseenWajib
Day 12The RiderZama
Day 13[sidebar] Tower. A Bright Day[sidebar] Revenge[sidebar] Ava
Day 14[closing film] Jasper Jones[Awards Winners]

*Notes: despite I put it as “Day”, for obvious reasons (ahem… my real life), this isn’t an actual day that I will cover these films. It’s just merely an order of films in which I will go through, although I’ll use a journal-like daily format for this project: reviewing a pair of movies that played on the same day at once. You’ll know what I mean when I get down to it. The link for each review will be updated here as well.

**Notes: “Surprise” screening(s) because as of now I still don’t know which films I gonna pick (hence it’s a surprise even for myself). The purpose of this sidebar screenings is to pick up 1 or 2 movies I left out that I still feel worth checking out. They won’t compete for the main prizes, except for Best Debut Feature if applicable. Your suggestions have a high chance to feature up there so don’t be shy to recommend me down the comment section.

With the next post, Day 1 in which I will review the opening film The Party is when the festival officially kicks in. A little warming-up before we get down to the Main Competition. See you then, folks.