Let me put it this way, while majority of cinephile  is crazy about the Oscar, every title with buzzed reception can generate to heated discussion of whether or not it can nominate for any Oscar, my interest has always been the Cannes Film Festival. I went there twice before and absolutely loved every moment of it, and if I could, I would come there every year. But it’s not an unconditional love, like a spoiled girl Cannes Festival sometimes makes many questionable decisions – both on and off their selection – that made me scratching my head (you’ll know once I run down the years). But also like a spoiled girl you can’t help but follow their every step. That sums up my relationship with Cannes.

It’s basically the same deal with Women’s Cinema Festival. Each year, I will watch, review, rate and rank all those titles for the Main Competition, plus some other titles from the Official Selection (Un Certain Regard, Special Screening, Midnight Screening) so the final list can be exactly 25 films (On that note, the irregular number of films competing is something that we’d never see eye to eye. I understand their point of view, that it’s more flexible and that’s what art should be but I believe those restrictions make you work more efforts to produce the list that you REALLY want keep). No sidebar or parallel sections since I have to draw the line somewhere. At the end of the project I will rate and comment the Cannes’s year itself, whether or not Cannes has a good selection on that particular years.

About the awards, I’ll give my own takes on these awards, but I don’t see any point to follow their own awards, since for me those awards are more about rewarding “films that deserved mentioning” more than the actual awards itself. So at this moment, my own awards will be:

-Palme d’Or: Top rated film

-Grand Prix: 2nd and 3rd rated films (tie)

-Best Actor

-Best Actress

-Best Director (I’m not keen on this to be honest, so we’ll see)