Animation – Anime the Introduction


Apart from cinema, I also have a keen interest on animation and it took a strange turn few years ago when I decided to blog for anime (an inception for this site, truly). This section will split into 2 main parts, indie animated features where I try my utmost to gather and review adult-oriented animated features and world animation throughout the years. Believe it or not, each year there’s a good 20+ non-Hollywood animation released around the world and my aim is to catch those films down. In some rare times, I might review animated shorts or animated Music Video so stay tune for those. Expect a yearly rundown once I watch all those animated films in a single year.


Another part will be about anime. I don’t do episodic review like other anime blogs (instead, you can check out for weekly content). As I’m still following a big chunk of anime each season, I’m going to split it into 2 sections:

Seasonal Anime Reviews: consist of 2 entries: First Impressions of every non-sequel shows airing that season; and Final Impressions on the shows I’m following with rating and ranking. Also expect a yearly rundown once the year’s over.

Weekly Anime Summary: basically your only weekly content in Silver Moon, where I give a quick take on those shows I’m currently following.