About the Site

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About the site

The Silver Moon is not the blog for latest news or recent, mainstream cinema. There literally hundreds of other blogs that cover basically those with much better content. Instead, I’ll run down the movies by projects, most notably Cannes’s Main Competition crops, Women’s Cinema, Animation and Anime through down each year. I’ll also run down mini-projects like going through Directors’ Filmography (I watched Wong Kar Wai, Coens brothers, Michael Haneke’s entire body of works before – I’ll revisit those again soon), or going through movies with the same theme (like Silent Era – basically the best week in my cinematic journey). Those above are basically the main contents I’ll put up to this site.

As I’m also reviewing episodic anime shows at Star Crossed Anime, I’ll give an anime week in review to give short impressions on anime shows I’m currently following. It’s the only weekly content you’d expect from the Silver Moon. From time to time, I might blog about music, like reviewing albums, sharing playlist or doing some top 10, but don’t expect these posts to be regularly. There’ll be time when I wanna do some essay-length post about some topics that pique my interest.

About the Rating

There’s only some notes you need to know:

  • I use different scoring system regarding movies (9.2/10 for example) and anime (92/100). They have nothing to do with the other as anime and movies are two different medium
  • There’s a line between mediocre (or in RottenTomatoes term, rotten) and recommendable ones, for movie it’s 5.5 and for anime: 60/100
  • The high rated movies/ anime will receive the site’s top pick, named as Silver Moon in Full Bloom (don’t ask!). For movies, when the rating is from 8.3 or higher (which is equivalent to 4.5 over letterboxd). For anime, when the rating is 85/100 or higher (which is equivalent to 9/10 over MAL)
  •  In some rare occasions, I will include plus (+) and minus (-) but keep in mind that they don’t have anything to do with the quality of the movies/shows. (+) is awarded for those that address the gender role thoughtfully, including those that have strong feminine message. (-) is casted for movies/shows with insensitive treatment to gender roles.

About me

My favorite films: Au Hasard Balthazard, Cries and Whispers, Mulholand Drive, Pulp Fiction, His Girl Friday and Paprika

My favorite directors: classic: Ingmar Bergman, Robert Bresson, Preston Sturges

modern: Wes Anderson, Satoshi Kon, Don Hertzfeldt

My favorite bands: Beach House, Chromatics, MGMT, Dire Straits

My favorite anime: Serial Experiment Lain, Mushishi, Monogatari Series, Revolution Girl Utena, The Melancholia of Haruhi Suzumiya

As I said earlier, I’m more frequent in the anime blog psgels.net, so if you’d like to casually reach me, give me a shout in that chatbox. I also use letterboxd and MAL so feel free to add me there.