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It’s rather ironic but I just received words from Armitage yesterday that her uni just announced the exam timeline and sadly that means our joint project Cannes 2000 will have to postpone for 1 month. Since we haven’t even started, I take it as good news because we won’t have to worry about it tailgating us anymore. So in the meantime, I figure it’s best for me to finish 2010s Anime Summary and 2010s Oscar Animated Features and still continuing watch animated films, as well as catching up with anime shows of the decade that I have missed. In a perfect world I would be at Cannes right now, and it still feels pretty weird to go through a year without a Cannes event, but that’s the way it is and the best I can do now is stay ready for a return to normal.

And I like to wrap this short post up by sharing my current favorite song. Sometimes, a screenshot of a movie can perfectly capture the essence of the film, and sometimes, a title alone can resonate powerfully with me. Such is this song title: About The Courage To Become Someone’s Past by Say Sue Me. The band Say Sue Me is an indie Korean band, although they sing mostly in English and their style is influenced by Western’s bands. In 2016, their drummer fall into semi-coma during a tragic accident, and this wordless song reflects the band’s feeling about him.

I’m afraid of making new memories without you“, she sings in another song – and I feel the same. When you regard someone as your special, to go on without them in your life is just rough.  Enjoy the piece