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New Project Announcement – Cannes 2000

Hello readers, I’m here to announce the new project. As this year’s edition of Cannes has been postponed, and as of this writing, no new date has been confirmed and every news has been quiet, me and my friend/ fellow anime blogger ARMITAGE decided to cover the Cannes Main Competition of 2000, which will start on May 15th, exactly 2 weeks from now. She’s even more passionate about cinema and Women cinema (oh yes, that will come too) than I am, so it’s an honor to collaborate with her on this project.

Apart from being exactly 20 years old – and In the Mood for Love would have receive its 20-year anniversary special screening at Cannes (under normal circumstance), we both have personal connection to that year to the point it was the first year that comes to our mind when we think about doing a retrospective year. Our plan for now is to watch and review one film in Competition a day, after which we will grant our own awards. There are 23 films in the Main selection, so it should take up around 3 weeks – a month. Depending on how we feel then, we might tackle some other films in parallel selections. It also means the temporary halt of my current 2010s Animated Movies, but it’s my full intention to return and finish it by the end of the year.

Personally I’m super excited for this project. Since my breakup it’s the first time where I feel genuinely looking forward to something. Here’s hoping you enjoy our first joint effort of this “Cannes at home” edition.

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