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Oscars Best Animated Features of 2010s – A comprehensive list

And so it goes. With the completion of Ferdinand and The Boss Baby, I have (finally!) watched all the nominees for Best Animated Feature Films this 2000s decade (I know, I’m proud of myself too. Who knows watching cartoons in your 30s can be this rewarding!?!). This gonna be a massive list as I’m going through every year down below, from best nominee to worst. Before I start, there are some of my general observation over the Oscar animated feature category and its nominees this decade:

  • I’ve mentioned this before that the Feature Animated Category is my favorite category from the Oscars. It’s one of the few categories where the Academy members look beyond mainstream fares for more international/ art-house picks. 
  • Being said that, the list is still too mainstream for my taste. And while I usually agree with the nominations, the same can’t be said when it comes down to the actual winners. Their choices are usually too safe with Pixar and Disney dominating the race. It’s understandable, all things considered, given that the Animation branch votes for the nominees, and the entire board – many of them don’t care about Animation – votes for the winners.
  • The “16 or more films submitted to secure 5 slot nominees” rule is really dumb. It only happened once this decade (2010), but as a person who watches a lot of animated films, I strongly feel that we could use these slots to recognize more animated features.
  • GKIDS had done a very outstanding job to get those international titles noticed *a round of applause* – Netflix seems to be picking on that as well. That being said, usually these international / arthouse gems pick up their traction in Annecy Animation Fest or Animation in Film in the last few years. My point is that, if these indie films don’t play there (as in Anime or family-friendly cases), they tend to run under-the-radar and get ignored.
  • The Animation branch seems to be picky on sequels and boy, I am glad for that.
  • Finally, if you still complain that they still miss out on some great gems (they sure did), I need to point out the fact that the problem itself is on the submission list, which you can find here. You can’t blame their choices for being weak and uninspiring if there is a serious lack of choices to begin with. Many of the good stuff, most notably in early years (Arriety and It’s Such a Beautiful Day come to mind), didn’t bother to submit at all. 

Scroll down to hear my thoughts on the nominations each year, and the state of the race in general. I’ll keep this post sticky and update the year gradually. After this post I will rank all the 2010s nominees in another mega-post. For now, let’s start with 2010.

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