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Animated Movies of 2010s – #08: Rocks in My Pockets, Virus Tropical & On Happiness Road

With the coronavirus outbreak glooming across the globe, it’s saddened to see how it already affects the cinema industry as a whole. Current productions are halting, theatres are having the lowest attendance in years, film festivals are canceled and even the fate of Cannes this year is up to the air at the moment (this is a current-me talking and who knows how things go 3,4 weeks from now but if Cannes still decides to proceed, I’ll go as well knowing the full risks). But if this outbreak has any positive aspect, it’s that “staying indoor” means “watching more films and anime”.

For this edition, we will have a look at certain types of animated films that appeal specifically for my taste: feminime films (mostly) made by women about women’s lives. Normally, animation is a product of collaborative efforts. More so than live-action, animation requires a larger number of people working on different aspects to bring a piece of blank paper to life. But these films mentioned below shine through their personal, intimate stories about themselves, about growing-up, midlife crisis where the roles of men are either dominant or insignificant at all. “We show that women can take ownership of their stories, their lives and make their own decisions. We don’t need to ask for permission. We’re each our own owner and we do whatever we want to do. The timing was just right for this story.” says Power Paola in her Virus Tropical film. It’s worth mentioning that Persepolis from 2007 serves as the main influence for these films, as they all acknowledge the refreshing and intimate approach of Persepolis.

As a last note, I should talk in more details about the art-styles and the background about the films, since celebrating the diversity of art styles from all around the world are one of the very reasons I wanted to do this project in the first place.

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