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Animated Movies of 2010s – #02: I Lost My Body, Klaus & Ruben Brandt, Collector

For this #2, we are heading to Western Animation to truly appreciate animation as an artform. This batch includes all install-classic offerings, with innovative and unique hand-drawn art styles that not only rare to find in the age (where CG dominates the box-office), but the styles integrate strongly to the story it’s telling. Two 4-star ratings (little spoilers, as far as all the films I’ve seen this decade I only awarded 14 movies with perfect 4-star, with this third film being the latest addition) and a hard 3-star, that alone speaks to the quality of this second batch. For the next batch we will have a look at other 3 Best Animated nominees from the year 2019. Enjoy.

I Lost My Body (2019)

While I Lost My Body was on my to-watch list prior to coming here, the film still takes me by surprise just how well crafted it is. Production-wise, it carries the theme by its strong direction and clear visual, story-wise it’s an intimate story about a guy who doesn’t know what to do with his life. Character-wise, I’m also drawn into them and the side plots interweave neatly and the leads cast some strange chemistry together and it’s a joy to watch. While this might not become as big of a hit like say, The Red Turtle last few years, it’s a goddamn solid one that would be in conversation for years to come.

4 out of 4 stars (4 / 4)

Klaus (2019)

Klaus might be remembered for its impressive technical achievement the blends seamlessly between its 2D styles with the digital coloring and lighting, but the end result is singular, and beautiful to look at. The story itself leans a bit on predictable plot, but that’s exactly why it becomes an install Christmas classic: its themes are inspirational and the characters have some solid development. In truth, I expected much worse from its story prior to watching it, and comes off with a nice surprise. Jesper can be annoying at first but he has a solid chemistry with Klaus, and while the story is conventional, it still properly builds up rather than cheaply creates hurdles for Jesper and Klaus to overcome. Klaus is, simply, worth the hype it generates.

3 out of 4 stars (3 / 4)

Ruben Brandt, Collector (2018)

Ohh watching Ruben Brandt is a whole lotta fun, one that reminds me why I love animated medium in the first place. It’s certainly one of the most visually striking animated feature films in years, with the art designs being influenced by European paintings, which are all the more appropriate as the story itself involves stealing (collecting?) arts. But unique art alone isn’t the only part that makes the film so addictive, it has a real sense of fun. There are car chases, heists, a subplot about memory experimental, lucid dream sequences and so on, so forth. While the plot itself is thin, especially when it comes to the detective plot thread, its quirkiness makes Ruben Brandt an unique film with so much personality. And like the femme fatale Mimi in the film, you know you can’t fully trust it but you can’t take your eyes away in any given moment. 

4 out of 4 stars (4 / 4)

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