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New Projects Announcement

Alright, for the next few weeks I’ll be checking out animated movies in the 2010s. The plan is to watch all the films I have missed out, as well as re-watch some in the early years of the decade, then I will make a top 10 list for each year and eventually the masterlist Animated Movies of the Decade. I’m looking around 40-50 films at this moment, range from anime to Hollywood fares to indie films around the world (and the list keeps growing), but since it’s animation it’s less of a demand watch than live-action films (well, at least in my case). I’ll also do short reviews in a batch of three films, so make sure to check back often to see my thoughts on these films. Another thing, for this project I’m gonna use a different, simpler grading system. 4 stars is awarded for modern classic films, 3 stars for good, 2 for decent and 1 for mixed. Also while at it, I’ll post the top 10 Anime Series of each year for the 2010s, and then onto the top 50 Anime of the Decade. Stay tune and I hope you enjoy reading.