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Looking back at 2019

Well, I know it has been a while since my last post – more than 6 months to be exact, but I’m still here. 2019 has been a strange year for me, and if I can associate the year with something, that would be “a year of Fire”. During 2019, I had a passionate relationship that came and went like a flash of lightning (as much as I try to act normal, it still stings), many anime involving fire (Promare, Fire Force, Ride Your Wave), an actual anime studio which I have lots of respect for were on fire. And for the last few months , Australia has gone through one of our worst bushfires in history. One of the best films screened in Cannes is titled “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”. In 2019, I discovered a really great shoegaze band Galaxy 500 and guess what my favorite album from them is? On Fire.

As for blogging, after a really busy six months to sort out my real life stuff, I’m in a freer stage now so I will probably chase after many projects now. As this moment I don’t feel like doing full movie review anymore, instead I will give a paragraph or two on the films I watched. The next post regarding a new (short) project is coming soon.

2019 certainly wasn’t a dull year by any means. Here’s hoping for the new year 2020, and the new decade, to be better. Finally, enjoy this wonderful piece of music:

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