2018 Summer Anime, Weekly Anime Summary

Weekly Anime Summary – Summer 2018 Week 10

This week, with Hanebado is on leave (apparently due to the earthquake) and Hi Score Girl new episode is nowhere to be seen (I don’t blame the fansub though, this one has flied under the radar this season), we have a relatively shorter compare to other weeks. Yeah, turn out I still ended up watching Tsukumogami Kashimasu, and since I already watched FLCL Alternative first episode back in April Fool, I won’t review it here. Will pick it up in the second episode onward. It’s hard to tell whether this week is good or bad, given many shows still deliver and other shows are just functional. If I have to pick a word to describe the last week, it’s “predictable”. My favorite shows continue to soar. Since I’m running out of meaningful grouping for this week, I’ll sort the shows by linking them to the same themes. Let’s go for it

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