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2017 Women’s Cinema Festival – Day 10: Lady Bird & Love Education


Day 10 is a day of love and it consists of two movies from actress-turn-director women. Both are the more feminist look on the notion of love. For Lady Bird, it’s a coming of a tale of a girl examining her love with her Mom and her hometown; for Love Education, it’s a tale of romantic love and family. Both Sylvia Chang and Greta Gerwig might be remembered more as an actress (for all the right reasons too), but you could view those films as their passion project. They wrote (in case of Chang, co-wrote) and involved in many stages of the production. Day 10 also boasts some of the stronger performances by female leads: Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf in the Sacramento-set film and Sylvia Chang herself with Wu Yanshu in the latter. Click on to see how these two fare. For past coverage, just click on the image on the sidebar, it’ll lead you to the Festival’s main page.

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