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Weekly Anime Summary – Summer 2018 Week 9

It’s interesting how I just flipped through my first impression reviews I wrote a year ago at the other website, I am struck on how opinions on one show can change the more we watch it, even within consecutive episodes. Not because it changes the formula itself (although some do, like *coughHanebado*), but more because its own formula starts to wear out after the initial catch. This middle period before the climax is when shows suffer the most. It has to build the main conflict up without loosing our interest – not an easy feat to do. As it stands, I’m on the fence whether I will keep Tsukumogami or pick up Angolmois again (or dropping them both), as this week’s Tsukumogami didn’t offer much. No Steins:Gate this week (weirdly I don’t miss it much), so let’s see how this week in anime fares. This week we’ll go with reverse-alphabetical order.

Another side note, as you can tell by the above screenshot, I just watched (and enjoyed a fair bit) the OVA Aggressive Retsuko, so expect a review some time this week. I’ll update the show into 2018 Spring Anime Season (since it debut there). It’s my intention to update my First Impressions and Final Impressions as a massive list so that they can be a reliable point of reference.

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