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Weekly Anime Summary – Summer 2018 Week 7

As of this moment Hi Score Girl’s sub is still unavailable, such a bitter turn for this overlooked anime. This week in anime, likewise, suffers from lots of underwhelming developments. I dropped one more show from my watch list, and maybe more if things don’t improve next couple weeks. Many of you might wonder why would I spend that much effort to watch many average shows that likely be forgotten as soon as this season’s over. Well, I don’t have an answer for that really. It’s certainly not the case of “the more I watch, the more I know” bull. It’s more that I’m still curious about anime the medium after all these years and want to find out hidden gems, or put it better, I don’t wanna miss any good show by mere ignorance. Will it burn me out eventually? yeah, probably but I’ll do the best while I’m still at this. Let’s move on from my own babble to the what you’re all here for, anime shows this week.

(Technical note: one feedback from my friend about the site was that it’s overstuffed with info. He has a point there so from now on, I’ll add the “read more” tag. Will properly edit the previous posts as well)

Ambushed by the enemy

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