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Site Update – New Schedule Announced

So, just few hours ago, while enjoying the summer breeze comfortably in my sofa with a fan blows over my face, and a bowl of popcorn on one hand and two scoop of ice-cream on the other*, I came to a shocking realization that… I have been neglecting my current project for nearly a month now. Now, I know that most of you don’t even care about this movie project of mine (stats never lie), but I just realize the only active content I have right now is a weekly anime post, simply because it’s a commitment to produce those posts. I’ve been blogging over 2 years for the other anime site so I understand my blogging habit. Having a deadline and a weekly routine can keep me from my lack of will. Taking things more slowly and steadier.

Hence, here’s the new weekly blogging schedule for The Silver Moon:

Tuesday: Weekly Anime Summary (I prefer Monday but this current schedule has 4 shows airing on that day and none on Tuesday. So it works better for me to do a wrap up on every Tuesday.

Friday: my Current project (2018 Women’s Cinema Festival)

Sunday: Western Animated TV Series Review (I’ll review one season of certain cartoons each week. Regarding how well I know about Western Animated TV shows, hmmm not so much. But there are many shows I wanna check out. Also, while I reserve this spot for Western cartoon, I might occasionally review classic anime too)

With that and 3 posts / week over the other site should make me busy. Elsewhere, from time to time I’ll blog other topic of interest as well. I’m seriously considering of doing a music post, for example, and flirting with the idea of reviewing manga. We will see. This is my blog so I might as well just write any topic that take my fancy. I know it might sound I put a lot of commitment for a hobby but what can I say? No pain no gain, I suppose. You need workout to push you into shape, right? Let’s see if this new schedule can bring out some fresh air, effective… next week.

*note: none of those I said were true. It’s winter here in Australia, I don’t even have a sofa but I like the free-spirited feel of it.