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Weekly Anime Summary – Summer 2018 Week 4

Maybe I become much softer to anime medium but I think I’m the only one who feel that this season had a lot to offer. Everyone has been complaining on how weak this season is, whereas I have a hard time to cut down shows at this stage. After quite a busy week anime-wise, 3 shows are eliminated from my watching list. With the arrival of Tsukumogami, however, the list of anime I’m currently following round up to 16 shows. I might cut down some more fat in the following weeks, but as far as this week in anime goes… well, it wasn’t a satisfying week. To be fair, week 4 is always one of the low point of the season, as the freshness of the premise starts to wear out, couple with the typically scheduling production issues in anime industry. Same deal, random grouping with stupid remarks. Good luck reading my blurbs you readers. Now, Let’s get down to it.

Every TearAnimedrop is a Waterfall

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