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Weekly Anime Summary – Summer 2018 Week 2-3

Welcome to the first weekly coverage of this Summer season. After went through 30 plus shows in the first week (there’s some new additions to the First Impression post. Go check them out), less than half of them make the cut at this stage. As of now, 16 shows remain, basically from Happy Sugar Life downward in the rank, plus 2 ongoing shows from last season. I’ll cut down the list once we go through 3 episodes of everything, and once more time when we reach the halfway point. Another change to this weekly format is that I don’t see the point of ranking them week to week anymore. Instead, I’ll group them by some random category. It’d be more fun that way. For reference, this period last season I also had 16 shows before cut down to 10, and in Winter season I also had 16 shows before settled with 12. That means, 16 is my lucky number all the way.

With all that said, let’s get down to business, with styles:

How are my blondies doing?

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