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Seasonal Anime Review: Winter 2018 Final Impressions

In keeping with my anime-mood at the moments (well, that also means I keep delaying on my 2018 Women’s Cinema Festival but I hope you readers don’t mind about that much), I revisit all the anime shows I watched on the Winter season. It’s the practice that might not be relevant with you guys much since it was already half a year, but it benefits me to put all my thoughts on shows I watched into some written forms. The more I watch shows and films, the more I realize that I will eventually forget most of them. Some vague feeling and a general impression about them, but hardly anything substantial. And I’m consistently reminded how wasted it is. At least, by writing them down, I still have some point of reference in the future: my feeling about those shows at that certain point of time.

The beginning season of 2018 calendar was an underwhelming one. There was a large amount of cute girls doing cute thing shows, and Violet Evergarden didn’t meet the hype it generated. Another special trend of this Winter 2018 season was the multi-release of Netflix original shows. I only finished Devilman Crybaby (I stopped after 3 episodes of AICO and I couldn’t survive pass the premiere of B: the Beginning). So while the quality can pretty much an acquired taste, those Netflix original shows do push more edgy context and mature theme into anime industry, just like in the old days. Anyway, the Winter season I finished around 12 new shows, including 2 carry-over from last year’s fall season (3-gatsu no Lion 2 and Mahoutsukai no Yome); plus 2 shows that would run over to the next season (Saiki K 2 and Darling in the FranXX). A bit of footnote here, while I ranked 3-gatsu no Lion 2 and Mahoutsukai no Yome in this Seasonal Preview, they are technically ineligible for 2018 Yearly Review.

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