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Weekly Anime Summary – Spring 2018 Week 13

Oops, a day late. You know me by now. Anyways, this Spring season is truly gone, guys. Many shows aired their last episodes and in regard to that, they’re underwhelming. Many shows just stop in the middle of the street, while others conclude their stories misfired. Well, I know anime industry always have problems with this, especially how anime is sometimes designed as a promotion material to sell their manga and products, but sometimes it’s frustrated to follow a show for few months just to see their intended full story never see the day of light. Next week, I’ll rundown some blurbs for on all the shows I followed this Spring season, with ranking, rating and stuffs. If I feel up to it then the week after that, I’ll do the same for the 2018 Fall season so you know where I stand for this 2018 year in anime. But enough of that, let’s run those shows down this week:

11) Piano no Mori (ep11)

The pacing is of this episode is pretty slow in general. I expected to see Kai’s performance for this first round, turned out we didn’t even get into that. I’ve noticed they way the show deals with all these performances by showing the players play the first few notes of a piece and then cut to the end, with for me is a bad way to represent these performances. This episode splits between Shuuhei and the new guy Lech and I only enjoy bits of the second half where Kai and him encounter in the park. As of now, I have no interested to see its second cour, but I might stick around for next episode just to see how the show handles Kai’s performance. It’s better be good.

10) Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai (ep13) – END

I was being too naive to think that this show would go for bittersweet road. Its inspiration is Hollywood so it’s only natural to have an all out Hollywood ending where… Tada goes back to the party to meet her one last time (after an equally unbelievable scene of chasing down the ticket on a streaming water), confesses his love and WHAT? The princess says crew it to her duty, her engagement and comes to Japan to live with Tada. And they live happily ever after. Well, it’s even Hollywood couldn’t be that shameless, I tell ya. Although for how it gets there, I can still give the show positive points for embracing to this wholeheartedly, and as our Disney princess used to sing: “If you keep on believing. The dream that you wish WILL COME TRUE”.

09) Hisone to Masotan (ep12) – END

And we come to a close of this Dragon Pilot show and I’m still indifferent on how this anime wraps up. The more it gets into the conclusion, the more I see inconsistencies in its world building that just throw me off even more. Here’s some dot points of what get on my nerve:

-Grandma pilot Sada with her back story: if she feels that devastated how the hell she didn’t cause anastomosis to Masotan then?

-How comes all the back-and-forth exchanges between a girl who wants to save another girl is all about some other guy? It’s a under-representation of women role. Even with Bechdel test it fails fails fails miserably.

-Okonogi doesn’t fare any better. His childhood friend is on a verge of death and all he thinks of is Hisone

-At the end, even Natsume is more fleshed out than Kinutsugai and Hitomi, and I hardly regard her character as flesh out.

This show just disappoints me to no end.

08) Darling in the Franxx (ep23)

And here is the point where I could say that the show totally lost me. I found this all out battle unnecessary to begin with. But now we have our team again fighting that repeat the same formula of we’ve seen for the last 20 episodes, it becomes bothersome. Of course everyone has to sacrifice themselves in some ways so that Hiro can advance and save the day, huh? Franxx never has a good plot to begin with, but even now I don’t care much about the central relationship between Zero 2 and Hiro. When it teases us so much with the prospect of them together and then fallen apart, it gradually loses its impact and guess what, I know they will come back next episode safe and sound because the show can’t hide its tropey path.

07) Golden Kamuy

New fascinating character introduced in this finale, and there’s no sense of closure at all. Thankfully, we have second cour announced, but if this pacing continues, I’m in doubt that the second cour can finish this story. So far I wouldn’t say Inkarmat a great character, but hell does she leave an impression. Although everyone save Shiraishi make it pretty clear that they think fortune-telling is rubbish, she knows more than what she lets on here. For now I can’t say for sure if she’s an ally or a foe, but based on my impression she will be the one who chip in at unexpected time to help Asirpa and Sugimoto on their quest. This week, we also get another unlikely setting that you don’t see often in anime that era: horse-racing; and in turns we have more screen time from Kiroranke. I still don’t trust him yet to be honest, but how relevant he is to the story we will have to wait and see when the second cour comes.

06) My Hero Academia 3 (ep51)

A breather episode that signal the start of the next arc, this one is your typical filler episode with all fluffy air but it still manages to do it right. First, the love for its characters is apparent when the creators go their way to design every-single-room from students of class A, and they further underline each student’s traits. Second, it still pulls off something more substantial with Asui’s reflection of Midoriya and the gang’s previous decision. If only every filler episode can be this entertaining. 

05) Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan 2 (ep23-24) – END

We come to the end of half-year long journey with Saiki (why do good things come to an end?) and this last two episodes bring most of the huge cast back and it’s warm to see all these familiar faces (some aren’t though) back again for the last time. Episode 23 is a multi part gag and I always consider multi-part segment Saiki K’s strongest. And that part can go hand in hand with Steins;Gate for the idea of butterfly effect. As Saiki keeps coming back to change the past, the results end up being vastly different from what he intended, hilariously so. I will miss this show for the rest of the year.

04) Megalo Box (ep13) – END

For all its building up about the gritty world and how Team Nowhere put their lives on the line for this final Megalonia match, Megalo Box just cops out and pulls out an anti-climax ending, It’s a bad, bad, bad ending because the tone doesn’t mesh well with what it had been established for the last 12 episodes. They could go 2 conventional ways and the result still be much better than this. They could 1) go for all out feel good underdog win, making Joe from zero to hero (the show is pretty good of emotional payoff to boost), or 2) Yuri beats him on the ring and he loses everything, after all he’s just a stray dog. To be fair, I can somewhat get the idea that both Yuri and Joe move on from that fight, they’ve reach their own limit by playing against each other and now they continue to move on and leave. It does make sense but the upbeat, overjoy tone where everyone’s happy in the end just feels so wrong. At least it defies expectation, I could give the show that.

03) Steins:Gate 0 (ep12)

Hmm, a side story about the origin of a sweetheart song? It’s so self-contained that take this episode out of the equation and nothing in the main plot is lost. Time-paradox “so who learn this song first” is somewhat amusing in concept, but really who really cares about who learn the song first anyway. In addition, Kagari’s role in this series is still a big question mark. She’s not an interesting by any mean, given her only personality traits lie in her love for Mayuri and her amnesia.  She feels awkward in true sense of the word and I still can’t put my finger on why bother including her to this story at all. This is another filler episode, but unlike My Hero Academia, it doesn’t add up much. Bring back the main plot guys!!!!!!

02) Legend of Galactic Heroes – Die Neue These (ep12) – END

The battle reaches its midway and… god knows how long we’d see how this event play out. Probably it’s best to just get to the original OVAs where this one left of. It’s another case of the story just stop midpoint, but to be fair for a small potion we have watched, it’s a well told epic story. We see how the FPA’s fleets get destroyed one by one, at the same time the incompetent people for the higher up trying to push the attack forward. Only those who wise enough can get themselves out of this mess. I’m pretty down to see what happening next, so hopefully the wait isn’t too long.

01) FLCL Progressive (ep05)

Well, the visual goes loose and wild in this episode, and for all the better. At the beginning, we have hand-drawn coal-like art style, which probably is my favorite segment of the whole show visually. Then the animation just gets more and more expressive and the plot gets more and more dynamic and all the logic is thrown out through the window. But it doesn’t hurt the show one bit, FLCL Progressive runs by emotional sense than narrative sense and I do feel the rawness of Hidomi’s overflown emotions. Only one episode so hopefully the show can end in high note, but so far I have no complain with this wonderful show whatsoever.

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