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Weekly Anime Summary – Spring 2018 Week 13

Oops, a day late. You know me by now. Anyways, this Spring season is truly gone, guys. Many shows aired their last episodes and in regard to that, they’re underwhelming. Many shows just stop in the middle of the street, while others conclude their stories misfired. Well, I know anime industry always have problems with this, especially how anime is sometimes designed as a promotion material to sell their manga and products, but sometimes it’s frustrated to follow a show for few months just to see their intended full story never see the day of light. Next week, I’ll rundown some blurbs for on all the shows I followed this Spring season, with ranking, rating and stuffs. If I feel up to it then the week after that, I’ll do the same for the 2018 Fall season so you know where I stand for this 2018 year in anime. But enough of that, let’s run those shows down this week:

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