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Weekly Anime Summary – Spring 2018 Week 10

This season has come to its last legs and as far as week in anime goes, this is another solid week. We have an arrival of a new show, and Megalo Box strips over from its crown, and these two might or might not have a connection. Let’s run it down now

13) Piano No Mori (ep09)

Piano no Mori stumbles hard this week, or should I say, it’s back to its usual self. We have a qualifying round for the big Chopin tournament, which in itself you can pretty tell how important this episode is going to be. Kai has its first stage-fright, but the manner the show depicts it is ham-fisted and forced. Then we have a new Japanese dude but he serves no real purpose except to be a guy informs Kai about what Shuhei has been up to and being a comic relief. Shuhei and Kai relationship takes a predictable turn as Shuhei now assigned himself as Kai’s rival. All of those are frankly, quite weak, and then we have the lackluster piano sequences where don’t even see the pianist hits the key. This is Piano no Mori as they’re clearly struggling to with both the story, and the production. The last scene between Kai’s Mom and sensei, however, is the best sequence of the whole episode. Here we have two people come from two different worlds, but both share the same hope in the name of Kai.

12) Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai (ep10)

Oohh and we have the last date between the two, where later one of them disappearing for good, leaving the other wondering how much that person meant to them. How many times have we seen that kind of same plot play out? Okay, I won’t be cruel, the truth is Teresa and Tada have some charms together, although I still feel Tada as one-noted. Their tour to Shogun Rainbow show is fun, and I’m glad to see Teresa back to her usual self. She’s more sparkly that way. Don’t know if I would ship these two together, and from the preview it might be Tada’s whole show next week, so depending on how this dude perfoming next week, I will reserse my opinion on whether or not they would (and should) be together.

11) Hisone to Masotan (ep09)

HisoMaso went into the direction I’m afraid the most, goddamnit. So at the end, our girls are deemed as “un-pure” because they’re developing a feeling they shouldn’t have, and in turns intoxicate their dragons? What a load of non-sense, it feels so wrong in every level that I just better don’t touch this can of worms. To make this matter worse, the way HisoMaso builds up to these romances is contrived as hell. You don’t suddenly realize you’re in love and screaming like that, Hisone. It feels as if the show builds these romances for this conflict, and the third wheel doesn’t do it any favor. Look, just don’t randomly add romance into story like that. Now I don’t even care how this story going to play out anymore.

10) Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan 2 (ep20)

Let’s me be clear on why I always rank this show low, despite I still enjoy it week after week. At this moment, the humor and the quality of Saiki has been so consistently established that I use it as a barometer line instead. Shows below this one are disappoting and shows have higher rank still deliver. Having said that, we have another solid Saiki K’s episode, with my favorite skit is the one Saiki accidently turns his friends into stone (Medusa’s eyes), but the last skit with no dialogue plays out as a failed opportunity for me. The humor is still going strong, though.

9) Golden Kamuy (ep09)

Golden Kamuy goes at neckbreaking pace now, and I don’t get the yaoi overtones at all. On the one hand, we have a hint that Asirpa might have some blood relation to the Nopperabu guy. This could be a good development for the climax when Asirpa has to face her father as a final villain. On the other, the mini-villain gets “destroyed” by our Sugimoto. But since he was never a threat to begin with, it’s hard to feel anything. Elsewhere we have another unrelated plot thread going on between several guys from 7th Hokkaido unit we previously encountered. Whether or not the last plot development has to do with our main duo is something remains to be seen, but I don’t have much hope that this treasure hunt will have a proper ending at this point.

8) My Hero Academia 3 (ep48)

For a show that has a solid pacing, this episode definately runs a bit too slow, as for me the only main development is how the kids rescue his friend. We have All for One established as the main boss here, but for this particular arc, he serves more like a shepherd who guides a confusing sheep that is the dude with literally a hand on his face (ever question peculiar character designs of this show??). In the big picture, this still feels like an introduction where the show laid out the players in play first so I pretty hope that it gets into the final showdown soon.

7) Wotakoi (ep09)

In this episode, Hirokata and Narumi have an “actual” date, or that was what Hirokata aimed to do. As far as the date goes, these two still share that close chemistry, although for actual romance spark I still don’t see much. It’s nice that these two get mixed up with the other two, and I enjoy the swap-up here. The main point of this daye, however, is that Hirokata has been insecure about “growing up too fast”, and admires Narumi for being able to deal with it. Then later he learns that Narumi respects him for the same reason. It just depends on the perspective, and we tend to admire other people for the quality that we don’t have. I swear my heart sinks a little when she says that it won’t work between them, that is to say that I’m perfectly fine with their relationship right now.

6) Darling in the FranXX (ep20)

An all-out attack between the two forces that is basically the team’s last mission to save the world. Darling has never shy from going over the top, so this development is basically in Darling’s DNA. I just don’t think this show can ever top the greatness of last episode, and I still feel the appearance of the Queen of Klaxosaur a fair bit rushed, but hey with great animation I have no complain. Elsewhere we have Kokoro being pregnant, so it’s basically an event that mark that reborn of humankind. And as a final note, I’m interested to see how Zero 2 will kick Zero 1’s blue ass.

5) Hinamatsuri (ep10)

Our favorite girls Hitomi and Anzu take a main plots this week, with the expense of our titular character and Mao. Doesn’t matter, since Hinamatsuri is at its best when it focuses on our two girls. The forst half we have an extension of the gag that Hitomi just can’t say no to other requests, and that takes her: having a new apartment for herself, doing various random jobs and manage to be very good at all of them. On the second half, Anzu learns another life lesson of not Gambling (or don’t listen to non-sensible adults), but since her heart is always in the right place, that final resolve manages to hit its spot. Anzu’s material always has that bittersweet undertones and the show treats that with so much respect.

4) Megalo Box (ep10)

It’s still a nice episode, although I feel the pacing is too slow and the boxing match is way too fast. On the plus side, the boxing match is much more dynamic than previous matches, the reasons being because of Spider’s dynamic style and the level of this Megalonia. The scene involves Nanbu and Sachio feel incredibly forced, but I like the resolve how he decided to hand Sachio into Yukiko’s care. This pretty much set up for the incoming death of Nanbu. As of now, the main story can be predictable and the plot can take some convenient turns at times, with the show where gritty old style rules and the underdog who literally “get rich or die trying”, so far this show serves that purpose excellently.

3) Steins;Gate 0 (ep09)

Now that Okabe backs to the Alpha world line, he becomes more active now. This episode explores Suzuha’s psyche and does a pretty good job at that. Only one question remains, does Okabe really go back to his previous world? Or is there any significant alteration in this world line? Things so far seem consistent with the previous world line, but if Suzuha can sense that they jumped time, then it might have some butterfly effects that the cast couldn’t forsee now. The time machine is officially mentioned at this point, and there is one secret organization that might seem to be a dangerous threat. This show raises more questions than answers, but it’s a good kind of ambiguous so I’ll just hop along for now.

2) Legend of Galactic Heroes – Die Neue These (ep09)

It’s a dry episode, even to this series standard. This episode marks how flawed the current system of Free Planets is, but truthfully, is there any system that doesn’t have its flaws? The show refuses to give an easy answer, and provide many different view points to the system as well. The main star in this episode is Rebecca and her speech, the person who went through true pain and now don’t want that tragedy of war happens to other people again. If there is one subjective point this episode trying to make, it is that war is utterly pointless that takes a toll to the citizen more often than not. They’re stripped out of goverment funds, the children of the lost soldier are encouraged to join the army and they take the working source that harm the normal function of the citizen’s life.

1) FLCL Progressive (ep01-02)

For any fan of anime, FLCL is something of a legend. Its adolescent frustration, that growing up is painful resonates to the whole older generation (mine included I suppose), and this new update so far takes the same spirits from the original. Add that with the wild visual, the plot randomness and Haruko Haruhara and we are guranteed to have a good time. I was initially afraid that these new sequels (this and Alternative) can’t reach the emotional rawness of FLCL, but Progressive laid out a pretty dark road ahead. I like pretty all the main characters so far, the animation is wild and dynamic and that soundtrack certainlly an earworm. I’m excited for what about to come, as long as it remembers to embrace its “anything goes” spirits.

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