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It’s alive and kicking – Welcome to the Silver Moon

Beach House

Everything starts somewhere, right? Welcome to the birth of the Silver Moon, a personal blog that focuses on indie cinema, anime and everything that pique my interest. I’m your host, SuperMario. For the next few weeks, I’ll transfer my own contents from the blog I’m currently writing ( to here.

Why this picture, you ask? This blog is created right as the same time with the release of my favorite band ever – Beach House’s 7th album, 7. Silver Moon won’t never reach the legacy of Beach House – that I’m certain of – but hopefully it carries the same spirits with the band that always manages to stay true to themselves, time and time again.

“There’s a place I want to take you
When the unknown will surround you”

Levitation – Beach House

82 women Red Carpet.jpg

At the same time in Cannes, 82 film industry women protested the gender inequality in Cannes, in which for its 71 years history only 82 films directed by women have been in Cannes’ Official Competition. This is an issue that I do care deeply about (if you look to the heading, there’s a “Women’s cinema” section over there). While I’m all about raising more consciousness about women’s works, I don’t see myself doing it to make any big gender-equality statement, hence I never regard my viewpoint as “feminist”. You’ll know more about my own point of view once I start doing women’s cinema project. But for now all I’m saying is that I’m glad that the Silver Moon is born in this memorable day.

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